This is a list of people who own Giudicelli's pieces, it is a very limited list, so we encourage you to contact us to help us enlarge this relation.

  • Arch. Doi Gautier
  • Giudicelli Family
  • Arch. Angel Giudicelli
  • Freddy Ginebra Giudicelli
  • Thimo Pimentel
  • Arch.Federico Fermin
  • Clara Leyla Alfonso
  • Angela Castillo
  • Maria Teresa Spagniolo
  • Sonia Ginebra
  • Arch. Erwin Cott Creus
  • Arch. Eugenio Pérez Montas
  • Arch. Antonio Casanovas
  • E. León Jiménez
  • Bellapart Museum
  • Oscar Daniel Pimentel-Sone
  • Xavier Omar Pimentel-Sone
  • Banco Popular Dominicano

At present we do not have detailed information about the located pieces but we promise it will be available very soon.

If you have a Paul Giudicelli work, and you will like to be included in the inventory, please contact us at